September 19, 2014 Issue  
Lansing, New York  
Volume 10, Issue 35

postheadericon Village Reduces Bowhunting Setback

villageoffice2014_120There was resistance to an amendment to the Village of Lansing Firearm and Bow Safety law at a public hearing Monday, before Trustees passed the law.  Cayuga Heights Road resident Lowell Garner took issue with a change that reduces the distance hunters must remain from a residence from 500 feet to 150 feet.

"My house is nowhere near 150 feet from any of my property lines," Garner said.  "Yet I have full ability to walk my land, which means that hunters can be right at the property line and hunt legally.  The Village has solicited property owners near me for hunting.  150 feet doesn't work for me in terms of being able to have full use of my property, go where I want to go, walk in the woods with my dog or my granddaughter."

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postheadericon Town Continues To Address Emergency Preparedness

electricpole120The Lansing Town Board voted to authorize a multi-jurisdictional all-hazard mitigation plan Monday.  Federal regulations require the adoption of such a plan, which was prepared by the Tompkins County Planning Department.  But the Town was not prepared to officially recognize an Emergency Preparedness Committee.  Town Supervisor Kathy Miller said she has yet to solicit representation on the committee from the School and Fire Districts before the Town Board officially appoints the committee.

"We have a number of other people who have agreed to be on the committee," she said.  "We really need someone from the school district, and I need to ask someone from the fire department.  As soon as we get those people on board we will recognize the committee."

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postheadericon Gulf Creek Culvert Installed

culvert_120An enormous culvert on Triphammer Terrace is in the ground, awaiting final paving.  Highway Superintendent Jack French said Wednesday the culvert is now covered with gravel and the road will be paved in two or three weeks. 

"The Highway Department is doing a great job," said Councilman Ed LaVigne.  "They are saving the Lansing Taxpayers a tremendous amount of money.  I think they saved us about $200,000 just in labor."

culvert_lavigneCouncilman Ed LaVigne standing on top of the Triphammer terrace culvert. (Photo courtesy of Ed LaVigne)

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postheadericon Town Requests Triphammer Speed Reduction - Again

45mphOnce you go north of the Village of Lansing on Triphammer Road, the state speed limit of 55 miles per hour applies until you get to Peruville Road (34B).  The Lansing Town Board voted to support a petition by residents of the strip between Asbury and Peruville Roads to lower the speed limit to 45mph, and to request that the NYS Department oOf transportation (DOT) conduct a traffic study.

The strip of Triphammer Road in question is more densely populated than the rest of the rural road.  Town Clerk Debbie Crandall noted that this is not the first time they have tried to lower the speed limit.  She said she has records of several petitions going back to 1998.

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postheadericon Bobcats on the Prowl as the Saints Come Marching In

bobcatlogoLast Saturday was an absolutely beautiful evening; partly cloudy, 60 degrees, pristine venue, great fans and two well coached football teams.  Coach Winslow and The Lansing Bobcats traveled down to Binghamton Alumni Stadium to battle The Seton Catholic Saints in a week two football game. Both teams came in with their heads held high and a ton of confidence due to week one shutouts.  Lansing thrashed Groton 34-0 and the Saints kenneled the Delaware Academy Bulldogs 22-0.

The Saints defense started off strong, stopping the Cats after seven plays on their first drive of the game.  Lansing's Junior, Kicker/Punter, #2, Jared Strait punted the ball high and to Seton Catholic's 19 yard line. Lansing's defensive backfield denied all of their pass attempts not allowing them to move the ball at all and forcing the Saints to punt.

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postheadericon New Arts Council, New Concert Series

arts_icon120Lansing's new arts council is coming out of the starting gate running with an eight week Concert in the Courtroom series.  East Shore Arts Council (ESAC) chair Karen Veaner says the idea came from the very successful Concerts in the Park series that Park Superintendent and Recreation Director Steve Colt offers every summer.

"He's done such a great job with that and it is such a gift to the Town," Veaner says.  "People were sad when it was over, so we thought what a great opportunity this is to continue along that vein and offer a Concert in the Courtroom series so folks can continue to get together and enjoy great music.  If Lansing likes this concert series we will likely continue it in the winter."

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postheadericon iOS 8 - A First Look

ios8_120Today is the first day you can get an iPhone 6.  But if you have an iPhone 5 or 4s you may already have iOS 8.  The new version of Apple's mobile operating system was released at exactly 1pm EDT Wednesday.  Your intrepid reporter downloaded it on a phone and an iPad to get a first look.  The download took a while, I expect because everyone was trying to download it at once.  Once installed it asked me a few questions about what to enable or not enable, and I was up and running in just a moment.

The first  thing I noticed was... nothing.  Everything looked the same.  It all seemed to work the same.  My apps all worked the same.  I actually Googled 'iOS 8' to find out what was new.

As it happens, quite a lot.  But don't underestimate the value of that sameness.  It means my learning curve was going to be fairly nonexistent.  I could add to my toolkit if I wanted, but I wouldn't have to jump through hoops to relearn my phone.  A definite plus in my book.

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