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  August 8, 2014 Issue  
Lansing, New York  
Volume 10, Issue 30

postheadericon Severe Storms Flood Portions of Lansing

lightningThe Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response issued an alert Tuesday warning motorists of road closures on both sides of the lake, due to flooding and downed trees and wires.  Hardest hit were Lansing and Ulysses, where Route 34/East Shore Drive in Lansing and Route 89/Taughannock Boulevard near the Taughannock Falls State Park were closed for at least a half hour Tuesday evening.  That storm followed on the heels of a thunderstorm Sunday that flooded parts of the Village of Lansing.  Village Mayor Donald Hartill said there was significant flooding on Cayuga Heights Road.

"It was partly a result of two culverts upstream on Oakcrest Road not doing their job," he said Monday.  "We're going to take a careful look at that.  The only way you can deal with this kind of flow is to distribute and make sure that those culverts are working properly."

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postheadericon No New Issue This Week

ImageThe Lansing Star publishes 48 issues per year.  There are 52 weeks in the year.  That means we can take an occasional break to recharge our batteries.  We need to do that as much as your cell phone does!

But you should look at the Star this week anyway.  Check the Search and Archives pages to find past articles, and take the time to read current articles you may have missed last week.  Did you know that every article since we started in July of 2005 is kept live on the Star site?  And the Star is updated every day for weather, gas prices and movie times.

Here's a little trick: each issue has a volume and issue number.  If you missed an issue search for v#i# and the results page will have all the articles from that issue.  So if you missed last week's issue because you were on a fabulous summer vacation in a secluded spot with no Internet access, search for v10i29.

Thanks for your continued support.  We'll be back next week with the August 22nd issue.

postheadericon Village Clarifies Working At Home Permit Requirement

voffice_120If you work at home in the Village of Lansing you may need a permit. Village Trustees considered changes to the definition of home occupation Monday which will clarify existing law on business conducted in homes.  Telecommuters may not need permission.  But a permit is required for home businesses that have any impact whatsoever on the neighborhood, even those for whom only occasional client visits are involved.

"You could apply for a special permit," said Village Attorney David Dubow.  "If you meet the criteria of that special permit you are granted permission and that use is proper and lawful under the Village's regulations.  There are a lot of people these days that work at home."

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postheadericon A Family Day To Celebrate Lansing

harborfest_bouncehouse120The weather forecast is looking good for a family day at Myers Park: 'Celebrate Lansing' premiers tomorrow.  The event, hosted by the Lansing Community Council, will feature live music, food and activities from 10am until 6:30pm.  Community Council President and Celebrate Lansing Chairman Ed LaVigne says tomorrow's celebration will be geared toward families and kids.

"We have seven different bounce houses," he says.  "For a five dollar charge kids can go on as many bounce houses as they want, all day.  And for a family we're only going to charge up to $20.  We also have a youth pavilion."

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postheadericon Ithaca Y To Open New Playground

y-newlogo120The Ithaca Y wants a safe playground for 3 to 5 year old kids.  They don't have one now.  But thanks to crowd funding and corporate and private donations the new playground will be ready for play at the end of the day on August 15th.  That's in plenty of time for the grand opening on August 23rd.

"It's happening.  We're going to have a community fun fair and open house here," Ithaca Y CEO Frank Towner says.  "We're going to have the grand opening of the playground.  And we're going to have a recognition ceremony for our new branding.  Our new logo will go in front of the building."

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postheadericon Easy Way To Make Better Passwords You Can Remember

Dr. Digit 'Splains It AllThe big Internet story this month is about the Russian hackers who stole over 1.2 billion unique passwords from large and small Web sites.  Last December 40 million credit card numbers and 70 million addresses, and other personal information were stolen from Target by Eastern European hackers.  These are seriously bad people stealing information about you that they can use to do irreparable harm to your credit rating or bank account or your reputation. 

Experts say that you should always assume your data was among the stolen information and your first line of defense is to change your passwords.  Could you remember a password like 'Yol1biUdir1ie'?  I'll bet you can.

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I was born and raised in Lansing, graudate of the class of 1980. I look forward to each and every to read your columns. I frown when it happens to be one of the 4 weeks you did not produce a new Star. Thank you for your reporting on all aspects of Lansing.
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