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mailmanWe would like to update you on the progress of the Cayuga Power Plant's applications to transition to a Data Center and our activities during this process.

As you may know, Heorot Power (who owns both the Cayuga Power Plant and Somerset Power Plant in Somerset, NY) are transitioning from coal-fired power plants to modern data centers. Heorot has applied to the New York Power Authority (NYPA) for an allocation of 125 megawatts of renewable energy to run its data centers. (The two data centers will be called "Empire State Data Hub".) Heorot has also filed an application for $65 million in economic assistance from Empire State Development (ESD). Those applications are currently pending. We have heard there may be a decision on their applications around July 30.

As 'Concerned Citizens of Lansing' we are currently trying to get the word out to residents about these events and ask people to write to Governor Cuomo in support of the transition to a Data Center. We, of course, have many questions and concerns about what this will mean to the community and the plant's current employees. We are encouraged the data center will be powered by renewable energy but we are concerned about the toxic coal ash presently on the site, whether the power plant will be fully retired/shut down from burning fossil fuels in the future, and whether the current employees will get new jobs or a fair severance and pension package. We are sure the community has many other questions.

Jerry Goodenough and John Marabella from the Cayuga Power Plant gave a public informational presentation at the Lansing Town Board on June 26. If you were not able to attend, here is a link to the YouTube of the meeting which may answer a lot of your questions about the transition. YouTube video:

The Lansing Town Board has shown support of the new Empire State Data Hub by passing a Resolution on June 26. You can read it on the town website: (under Town Board minutes of June 26). The town board has also posted a template letter to Governor Cuomo in support of the Data Hub on the website (we are attaching it at the end of this email for your use). We encourage you to use the template letter as a start…then add your concerns or conditions for their approval. It is important for the residents of Lansing and Tompkins County to voice their support soon…a decision may be announced next week.

To offer support for this transition, we have set up a table in the foyer of the Lansing Market. The table contains template letters, a petition for signatures, and postcards to be either put in a box on the table for us to mail or to take and mail yourself. In just a few days we have already sent 54 postcards, several letters and received 35+ petition signatures. It's a start! We hope to set up more tables in various locations around town.

Some of you may have attended the May 29 presentation we organized with Claire Muller who worked on the Holyoke, Massachusetts coal power plant's transition to a solar farm. Claire highlighted the benefits of forming a community task force made up of Lansing residents with expertise in various fields. The task force would meet every-other month or so to discuss the progress of the transition, address problems and ways to help, and provide thorough and accurate information to the community. We need to be informed about how this new business will impact our town and county. We are currently in the process of forming a task force and are contacting various individuals to be involved. Both the Lansing Town Board and Jerry Goodenough from the power plant have expressed their support of the task force formation.

That is pretty much where it stands right now! If you have already signed the petition or sent a letter/postcard, we thank you! If not, we hope you will consider writing a letter or postcard of support to Governor Cuomo. Pass this on to your friends and neighbors. Let us know if you have any questions. We will continue to keep you posted as best we can.

Thanks for all your support,

Sue Ruoff, Diane Beckwith and other 'Concerned Citizens of Lansing'
Lansing, NY

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